Improve your continuity program with intuitive BCM software.

Our suite of tools is designed to give BCM practitioners all they need to establish and maintain a resilient BCM program.

BCMMETRICS™ is a robust suite of tools designed
to give you clarity within your BCM program.

BIA On-Demand

Everything you need to conduct a complete business impact analysis.

BIA On-Demand

Detailed Reporting on:

  • Recovery Time Objectives
  • Recovery Point Objectives
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Impacts
  • Critical Business Functions & Dependencies

Compliance Confidence

Get “FICO-like” scores of your program’s alignment with industry standards.

Compliance Confidence

Detailed Reporting on:

  • Program Compliance
  • Industry Standards Alignment
  • Risk-Based Auditing & Reporting
  • Program Benchmarking


Seamlessly access site recovery plans from anywhere.


BCM Plan Management:

  • Graphically Display Your Sites Across a Map
  • Prioritize Each of Your Sites
  • Securely Store Your Recovery Plans
  • Filter and View Your Sites by Priority

Residual Risk

Gain meaningful insight into the residual risk in your recovery plans.

Residual Risk

Manage Your Risk:

  • Management Risk Tolerance
  • Define Inherent Risk
  • Plan Mitigating Controls
  • Calculate Residual Risk

See the BCMMETRICS suite in action.

Streamline your BCM Program management
with our BCM tools.

Create a comprehensive look at your BC and IT disaster recovery functionality.

Establish well-informed business continuity decisions based on metrics in mere minutes.

Keep your BC plans up to date with our software updates when standards change.

Meet the needs of all of your stakeholders with clearly-defined reports.

Be up and running quickly with our attentive onboarding and support.

All of our tools
for one price.

Unlimited access to all 4 tools.


Pay per use memberships are also available.
Please contact us for details.

    • Training & setup services


    • 10% Discount on hourly consulting fees


    • Access to BCMMETRICS User Group
      meetings and resources


    • Access to training resources


  • Technical support
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